Topic Speaker Date Location
Fast Attack Deep Learning Lecture
Presentation of several Machine Learning experiments, which provide an intuitive understanding of the well-known ML phenomena, to an audience without a preliminary knowledge or coding skills.
Dennis Wittich, Artem Leichter 15:30 09.10.2018 A104,
Nienburger Straße 1-4
Indexing and Analysis of Point Clouds – State of the Art Martin Werner 14:00 16.10.2018 GIS Laboratory,
Appelstraße 9a
Introduction to Python Artem Leichter 13:00 02.11.2018 GIS Laboratory,
Appelstraße 9a
Working with Twitter Data - Streaming API, Filtering, and Preparations for Machine Learning
In this interactive tutorial, you will learn how to set up a simple system to download twitter data from the API, how to work with the resulting data including spatial and textual analysis, and we give some hints on how you can proceed towards machine learning from tweets.
Martin Werner 16:00 22.11.2018 A255,
Nienburger Straße 1-4
Introduction to Neural Networks 1
This lecture focusses on artificial neural networks (ANNs) and convolutional neural networks (CNNs). The first part will be of theoretical nature and the basic as well as advanced concepts of ANNs and CNNs are explained.
Jan Wegner 15:45 03.12.2018 A255,
Nienburger Straße 1-4
Introduction to Neural Networks 2
In the second part of the event the participants can experience several aspects of ANNs and CNNs practically. During the lab, topics like network architectures, data normalization and data augmentation are investigated. REQUIREMENTS FOR THE LAB: Laptop with internet connection
Jan Wegner 09:45 04.12.2018 A255,
Nienburger Straße 1-4
Point Clouds Deep Learning
A lecture about artificial neural networks (ANNs) and convolutional neural networks (CNNs) in the context of point clouds.
Martin Werner 11:30 21.01.2019 GIS Laboratory,
Appelstraße 9a
Point Clouds Deep Learning - Workshop
We will experiment with a CNN and depth images. No prior knowledge is required, but for the practical part, please bring a laptop with an internet connection or make sure you have an account for the Gis Laboratory PCs.
Artem Leichter 15:15 25.01.2019 GIS Laboratory,
Appelstraße 9a
Getting started with analysis approaches of sediment samples and their utilization for the improvement of high-resolution morphodynamic simulation models
A sediment sample typically contains information about the distribution of grain sizes, as well as other parameters. While more recent surface sediment samples are typically analyzed by methods of sieving, older and especially sub surface samples are usually depicted in linguistic descriptions. More…
Julian Sievers 10:00 23.05.2019 GIS Laboratory,
Appelstraße 9a
Lecture - 15:00 06.06.2019 -
Lecture - 15:00 04.07.2019 -
Lecture - 14:00 25.07.2019 -

ML Studio

ML Studio is a permanent offer for those who are interested in (practical) ML topics. Here you can get information how to get started with a ML project and to test those in a hands on situation. It is a great opportunity to share your experience and to get in touch with other Machine Learners. Feel free to recommend a ML topic you are interested in or to ask for an alternative appointment.

See you every Thursday from 17:00 to 18:00 in room 616 at Appelstraße 9A, 30167 Hannover.