Hackathon: Hack the Rock - Bottom Line

On 26. of March took place the “Hack the Rock” hackathon, which was organised by Leibniz Forschungszentrum GEO (FZ:GEO) and Interdisciplinary Center for Machine Learning (ICAML). The goal of the event was to solve geoscientific problems, related to volcanic research and drill hole exploration, employing Machine Learning methods. PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and professors from computer science and geoscience participated in the hackathon. After the presentation of the tasks, the participants organised the self in small groups to discuss and try out different approaches. The PhD students and postdoctoral researchers created an intensive and inspiring workflow, which lasted for the whole day. On the next day the “rock hackers” presented their results to the FZ:GEO members and interested audience from science and industry.


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