Python for Machine Learning

Since many Machine Learning as well as Deep Learning librarys exist for Python it is widely used in this area. The language enables to create, run and evaluate different models often within only a few lines of code. In this qualification line we start from scratch with an introduction to Python and take a look at more specific problems, while we offer additional training materials.



[notebook] Python - Basics

[notebook] Python Tutorial Chapter 1

[notebook] Python Tutorial Chapter 2

[notebook] Python Tutorial Chapter 3

[notebook] Python Tutorial Chapter 4

[notebook] Python Tutorial Chapter 5

[notebook] Python Tutorial Chapter 6

[notebook] Python Tutorial Chapter 7

Working with modules

[notebook] Python - Numpy Basics

[notebook] Python - Jit Basics

[notebook] Python - Matplotlib

Implementation Examples

[notebook] Image representation and processing in Python

[notebook] KDE and KNN with Python

[notebook] Decision Tree and Random Forest with Python

[notebook] RGB & HSV, color space transformations in Python

[notebook] Logistic Regression with Python using Scikit-Learn

[notebook] Linear regression with Python

[notebook] Python - Implementing a convolution